4 day Modelling challenge Original artwork by (Miro Vesterinen Tuukka Mäkinen)

Patrizio scherini patrizioscherini 0000 unreal snapshot 01
Patrizio scherini patrizioscherini 0001 unreal snapshot 02
Patrizio scherini patrizioscherini 0002 unreal snapshot 03
Patrizio scherini patrizioscherini 0003 unreal snapshot 04
Patrizio scherini patrizioscherini 0004 unreal snapshot 05
Patrizio scherini patrizioscherini 0005 maya snapshot 01
Patrizio scherini consegnapdf 0006 wireframegroup 01
Patrizio scherini consegnapdf 0007 wireframegroup 02
Patrizio scherini consegnapdf 0008 wireframegroup 03
Patrizio scherini consegnapdf 0009 wireframegroup 03 stairs

Original artwork by (Miro Vesterinen Tuukka Mäkinen) https://www.artstation.com/artwork/zkozQ

This was part of a 4 day challenge that I gave it to myself, I was trying to learn and apply the bevel edge + face weighted normal workflow inside maya.
I started with guessing the ratio between the tiling pattern and the tiling meshes in the original artwork, than after the first blockout of the area I used the Default male human character to match the proportion of props of the environment with the scene.
I'm happy with the overall result

additional info
Rope not dynamic done in maya on the first pass of the blockout